Terms of delivery

This price and orderlist is valid as of January 1, 2014 and replaces all former price and delivery specifications.

If you like to order modelkits, please take a look first at my terms of delivery and prices below. Please show understanding if not all of the wished models should be available (immediately). Due to the multitude of modelkits it is not posible to me to have everything in stock. You can order subsequently via the address below in the conventional way by mail. Furthermore it is possible to order online directly.

In case of unexpected problems while ordering please send an e-mail to:


Price group 1: 29.80 Euro
Price group 2: 31.80 Euro
Price group 3: 33.80 Euro

Prices in US Dollar:

Due to the unstable nature of exchange rates the following prices in US Dollar are for informational purposes only and may vary at the time you order. They follow the January, 2014 rates:

Price group 1: approx. 40.50 US Dollar
Price group 2: approx. 43.20 US Dollar
Price group 3: approx. 46.00 US Dollar

Delivery abroad:

is done exclusively by prepayment. If you want to order any of my kits, please tell me which models you are interested in. I will check then if they are in stock and will reserve them for you for six weeks. I will ascertain the fees for delivery which result from postage and post office fees and will send you a pro forma invoice. Immediately after the invoice amount is credited to my account, I will dispatch the models to you via registered letter (or registered small parcel). The post office fees for International airmail delivery start at about 5.60 Euro for one kit.

Delivery in Germany:

takes place exclusive by cash on delivery, i.e. to the total you calculated the postage and post office fees for each delivery will be added, starting at about 6.80 Euro for one kit.

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