The LION MODELS kits consist of a body section, the base plate with chassis, a in most cases vacuumformed windshield, as well as model-specific wheels. The necessary small parts are included.

Most kits, after No. 15 even all of them, got rubber-like tyres. Some models got additionally revolved rims, the following in addition also photoetched parts for spoke wheels : No. 23, 38, 47, 50, 52, 54, 63, 64 and 66. The models No. 37, 49, 53 and 69 got chrome-like bumpers and rims. Chrome-like parts are possible also with other kits.

From which material are the models made? the predominant number of the kits is manufactured from tin alloy, plastic parts are also possible. There is however no right to the execution of the parts of a modelkit in a certain material, I reserve myself expressly that modifications in this area are possible without preceding announcement.

I am however basically endeavored in an optimum quality to supply true to scale models. All kits are supplied in showcases. Finished models are not available, the kits are not pre-painted.

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